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What is SpaceIQ?

SpaceIQ is a source of information comprised of contracts, opportunities, products and organized into an actionable format. By systematic research, tracking, and updating of satellite requirements, our Satellite Opportunity Database provides industry partners the information to bid and win satellite requirements. 
⦁    Past, Present, and Future requirements 
⦁    New opportunity requirements gathering 
⦁    Existing requirements competitive intelligence review and validation 
⦁    Up to date opportunity database for capturing leads to track pipeline pursuits 


Satellite Opportunity and Contract Analysis 

The end-to-end process of opportunity and contracts analysis consists of ensuring all data is gathered, verified, and provided promptly to provide the competitive edge over the competition to win deals. This process follows the following methodology: 
⦁    Opportunity and competitive intelligence gathering and verification 
⦁    Dissemination of competitive intelligence as soon as available 
⦁    Updates of opportunity and status to support pricing and solutions to win bids 

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