Our People

Andrew D'Uva

President & Founder

Andrew D'Uva is President of Providence Access Company, a government affairs, technology, and satellite consultancy. He has supported international commercial satellite and telecommunications businesses on the regulatory, policy, legal, operational and business fronts for more than two decades, with a present emphasis on government services in support of national security missions. His satellite clients have included key communication satellites owner-operators (including Airbus, Amos, Eutelsat, Hispasat, Intelsat, Inmarsat, O3b NetworksThuraya, SES, and XTAR), trade organizations such as the Space Data Association Ltd. (SDA), to which he is an advisor, and U.S. Federal agencies. 

Alexander Purves

Chief Commercial Officer

Alexander Purves has worked in various rolls throughout the COMSATCOM industry to include leadership positions within the DoD focused vendors for 10 years as well as 15 years servicing the Government and commercial satellite service market throughout Eastern Europe, the CIS region, the Middle East and Africa.