Providence Access is a small business that specializes in solving large, complex problems. Whether you are a satellite operator seeking access to new markets, a government customer searching for a satellite solution, or a provider considering cybersecurity issues, Providence offers affordable, tailored solutions to address your needs. We have been active in the international satellite community for decades, understand the risks, challenges, and opportunities and have achieved a sustained record of success for our customers.


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Communications Satellite Services

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Providence Access principals have more than two decades experience in the management of international satellite communications services, including aspects of system, strategic and business planning, engineering, operations, and regulatory support, and program execution. More recently, our focus includes services in support of civil, military and intelligence government needs. Through collaboration with established agencies including the General Services Administration (GSA), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the National Security Agency (NSA), we have positioned commercial satellite services firms for success in the highly competitive government satellite services marketplace.

Strategic Consulting

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Providence provides strategic consultancy services, with a focus on government services. We have advised on matters including market positioning, regulatory, compliance, and domestic and international government and legislative affairs relations on issues ranging from the conception of a new satellite constellation, on orbit safety of flight, space traffic management, cybersecurity, coalition-building, and major regulatory and legislative initiatives.

Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

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Providence has offered information assurance and cybersecurity services to leading satellite owner-operators since our inception, with a special focus on provision of government solutions. In today's increasingly contested space, vigilance and planning are key to detecting, characterizing and managing cyber threats and incidents to ensure that your services continue to operate. We have advised clients on compliance with specific government compliance needs, including CNSSP-12, DIACAP, NIST, and the Department of Defense Risk Management Framework (RMF), covering space, ground, and control plane segments.

Giving Back: Public Service

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Providence's President and founder, Andrew D'Uva, serves pro bono as the U.S. industry lead for the Commercial Space INFOSEC Working Group (CSIWG) of the National Space INFOSEC Steering Council.  The CSIWG provides a forum for U.S. government and commercial space entities to maintain a partnership that will enable the perspectives, ideas, and information regarding available INFOSEC solutions, implementation of INFOSEC measures, the identification of recommended compliance criteria and other security related matters. The CSIWG provides a forum for matters as they pertain to commercial space and U.S. national security.

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